Rabu, 01 April 2020

Stay at Home, Will You?


It's been a while since the last time I post something here. I weren't busy, just lazy 😂 It's hard for me to finish a writing, even a post about my favorite topic, game. Maybe I should write it in English. I tried in Bahasa but never satisfied with how it turns out 😅

Anyway, how's life? Are you still locking yourself down in your house? I've been doing that for more than a month. Yaaay! JK. It's quite hard to stay at home even when you're an introvert and love to be alone in your house, unless you're a hikikomori. Corona does change our lifestyle in the past few months.

Indonesia has taken a step to prevent the virus to spread by making people stay at home, mainly students from any level of educations. It started two weeks ago, and extended a week or two. It's not effective, though. Some people still spend much time outside their houses for various reasons. If the parents are asked to work from home, they would have a trip instead. They also go back to their hometown which makes the virus spread even more.

This fact makes me worry. Corona is no joke. It spreads widely, only in a few months. If people still underestimate the effect, I'm afraid it'll be too late to stop. But I won't think too much about it. I will do what I can do, at least for myself, so I won't catch it, or even worse, spreading it.

I've been staying at home for a month, even before the virus spreading here in Indonesia. A month ago, my husband felt sick, so I can't go to my father's as planned. He needed more than a week to recover completely, so I really can't go anywhere in two full weeks (except for grocery shopping near our house). The next week, government release an announcement about staying at home for two weeks. So here I am, sitting obediently at home.

Honestly, I started to feel bored. I always go to mall at least once every month for monthly shopping. And it's been a while since the last time I meet my father and siblings. I miss them. With technology these days, I can meet them virtually through video call, but we're not used to call each other (just texting), so we would just wait patiently until it's safe.

For everyone who gets bored just like me and wanting to go out, please be patient. Keep staying at home, make yourself busy, and pray a lot. I hope this situation won't last long. Aamiin.