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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Has Been Released! and my thought of it


Final Fantasy VIII is my all time favorite game. I can say it's the first RPG I played, and has been liking RPG ever since. The game that hadn't been getting attention more than its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII, is now getting a chance to shine once again.

Square Enix is releasing the long-awaited "update" for Final Fantasy VIII on September 3rd, which is today. It's a Remastered version of the game. Not as extravagant as Final Fantasy VII that got a Remake, but enough to make all FFVIII fans burst in tears of joy. I was crying too, internally. Crying because I am happy, and crying because of the fact that I'm not allowed to buy the game 😭
No, not regional problem, just a personal matter.

The remastered version is said to have some enhancement in graphic. The characters' face won't look funny outside the FMV, unlike the original one. They also add features like 3x speed, all item, max GF level, max Gill, and any other features that allow us to play with as little time as possible. I wonder if I can defeat Omega Weapon in this remastered version. 🤔

Honestly, I wanna say that I don't really like the Squall in remastered. They made him looks like Squall from Dissidia wearing his original outfit, when the Squall I want is the one in FMV. It would require a full remake to make it happen, though. So it doesn't matter. I'm still excited about this. 😍

In a time like this, I really want to start the game all over again and join the excitement of the new release, and it would be even better if I can buy and play the remastered version. I always wanna buy the game to compensate what I did these 20 years. But I know I won't have such chance. Maybe I should delete my file too.

Anyways, I always dream of having a passionate girl friend that is also fond of FFVIII. Or I should say, maniac. The one who knows all about FFVIII even without Google to remind her 😁 I had a friend that love FFVIII to the core. It was fun to talk to him, but I know I shouldn't do that, now that I have a husband.

Well, I think that's it. Talking about something I love made my day. I hope Square Enix would make more update for Final Fantasy VIII. 😍

One last thing, say goodbye to Jumbo Cactuar!

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