Sabtu, 03 Maret 2018

Smartphone is Not For Children


Have you ever seen a 3 years old operate a smartphone really well? They move their fingers on the touchscreen without any difficulties. Maybe you think it's amazing how children nowadays could operate a smartphone even better than yourselves. But do you know that giving smartphone to children is not a good decision?

Children can learn faster and better than adults. They can become very skilled at handling any gadgets if you give them some time. 

From, a team of researchers at University of Iowa have discovered that half of toddlers can use a smartphone when they are just one year old, and 90 per cent of them mastering the gadget even before they turn two. Splendid!

Maybe you know some children whose eyes glued to a smartphone for a long time, and throw tantrum when we take the smartphone. Their eyes would be damaged by too much screen time. 

Andy Hepworth, an optician, said, "Blue violet light is potentially hazardous and toxic to the back of your eyes.".

Opticians said that although blue light is needed to help regulating biological clocks, but extensive exposure can disturb sleep pattern and affecting mood.

The optician spoke general about this. But if it's affect adults health, won't it give more damage to younger people? Or at least they are more vulnerable than adults.

Moreover, as they grow older, they will interact less and less with other people. They prefer to "talk" to the people they can't touch, even if it's some unknown people. Or they choose to play games on their smartphone over playing with their friends. They will have less empathy and lack of attention to their surroundings.

They also can't use the internet wisely, because their curiosity is far bigger than their self control, and we all know about this fact. They might be seeing inappropriate images or play games that shows too much violence. They can get curious about what they were seeing and wanting to do the same. We don't want that.

With that much risks, why don't we consider to not give smartphone to our children? At least until they turn 13 or until they are big enough to differentiate good and bad things, and willing to take responsibility about their actions.


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