Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

My Hijrah Story


If we are talking about our hijrah story, we will recall about our old days before we are getting closer to Allah, and the progress we were doing to get close to Him.

I am a Moslem from the time I born, just like majority of Indonesian. I thought nothing special in it. The ones struggling to be a Moslem through much thought are the special ones. But now I think that's not the case. To be a Moslem, and to grow up in a Moslem family are blessings from Allah.

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I wore hijab when I was an elementary school student. I wore it because I want to. Nobody asked me to wear it. I hadn't even known about verses in Qur'an that told every women to wear hijab. I tried it, felt comfortable with it, and I wear it up until now, and I hope I will wear this until the day I die.

When I was a middle school student, my mother come to an Islamic speech with her friend and from that, she knew about an Islamic radio and started to listen to it everyday. The radio never aired any commercials nor songs. They aired Islamic speeches and murottal (Qur'an recites) instead. I thought it's odd, because another Islamic radios aired commercials and Islamic songs, not only speeches. They need funds to run a radio, after all.

But the more I hear it, the more I think that this is the right teaching. We read al-Kahfi on Friday instead of Yasin on Thursday night, we believe that music is haraam, we wear longer and loose hijab to prevent our body shape from being seen, the men grow beard and wear their trousers above their ankle, etc.

What said in the Islamic speeches in the radio is not merely the speaker's thought. They have proof from Qur'an and hadeeth (shahih or hasan). And the speakers are expert in Islamic teaching, not just some people who can talk like a poetic but only have a little bit knowledge about Islam. This is what makes me think that I am on the right way. And I am glad, my little family is on the same path with me. I am hoping that we will meet again in Jannah. Aamiin.

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  1. Masya Allah.. you wore hijab since at elementary school, and it's of your owb will. Salutttt :)
    I wore it since at yunior high school btw..
    And yeah, we hope we will wear it until we die. Aamiin.


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