Senin, 25 September 2017

My Instagram Feed


How are you? Let's start our new week with Bismillah after having a good weekend. I hope we can do better this week too.^^

Instagram is one of social medias that are visual-based. We upload pictures and one-minute videos with nice captions instead of just write some text.

Scrolling through Instagram timeline is fun because I enjoy watching some short cooking videos, but knowing that I have limited internet data, I only do it when I have some extra data. Well, sometimes I watch a video or two when I get bored.

I have an Instagram account myself. Search @icajahe while you're visiting yours. Be sure to follow mine, and poke me on DM for a follow back. I automatically follow back a female blogger, though. I can't  follow back any men. I am sorry. This is my principle.

My feed is somewhat messy. No specific theme. No 3x3 grid. No plan. I post whatever and whenever I want to post. Sometimes I post nothing in a week. I know it's not good if I want to monetize it. ^^'

I rarely take photos. I often forgot to capture good moments with my smartphone camera because my eyes captivated with them, and I remember to take out my smartphone when the moments gone πŸ˜‚

But surprisingly enough, half of my feed is filled with photos. And then I remember that I often take photos to update my feed. Not some hard-to-capture moments, but something I have interest in it. And the remaining half is filled with screenshots, mainly from games I played.

As for my most favorite photo πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

It's hard to choose which one I like most, but this one somehow makes me calm. This is a window in my parents-in-law house. I took it while I was laying on the bed. Warm light was peeping from space made by fixing the window holder. Simple, but I love it.


What about you? Do you update your Instagram feed frequently? How do you manage it? Share with me.

Thank you :)

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