Senin, 11 September 2017

Learning English


I started learning English at school when I was third grader, but I MIGHT know English before I entered elementary school. What makes me presume that I know it even before I learn it at school?

Maybe you will say that my parents taught me. But I know that's not the case. They never taught me any language other than Bahasa. But I remember that I understood some words from games I played, and it's when I was second grader. I'm so certain about this because my little brother was a new-born baby at that time, and it's an unforgettable moment for me. Well, maybe I understood some English words because I seen them often. I played games since I was so tiny, after all.

I never joined any offline English courses except the one my English teacher held at school, so I learn English only at school and by playing games. Learning English can be so fun like this :)

Credit: Pixabay

I love learning English, but taking English Literature or English Education major never crossed my mind. I chose chemistry instead, and I failed. I ended up idle. I regret it a little. Deep inside, I want to take English majors. I can't, though.

But I guess this is what they call blessing in disguise. I met my husband when I study Arabic here in Bogor. If I study at college, maybe I won't meet him, the best man I never imagined.

When I started writing posts using English, I realized that my English is still not that good. I want to master it, so I started to focus learning English. I bought a grammar book, download English course for Android, read English grammar blog, and take online English courses. This will be a very long journey for me.

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  1. The more I learn, the more I know that I'm not good in English. hahaha.... but somehow I will not stop learning insha Allah.


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