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Our Turn Will Come


For the 11th English Collaborative Blogging, we decided to play a game. Each of us suggested two words, and we should include them in our post. The words are random so it would be challenging. I am stuck, though. I can't think of what should I write. I know the topic, but I don't know where I should start. 😂

Well, somehow I manage to finish my writing. Check it out! ^^

(I bold the required words)


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I got married with my husband 4 years ago. For a month or two, we were enjoying our marriage life. A few months later, I felt anxious. My period always comes in time.

When my period was late and my stomach cramped, we were excited. I thought I finally had a baby inside me. My husband hurriedly bought a testpack that morning. He got one with violet-wrapping. I used it right away.

"Not yet, again..." I sighed.
I put it on its wrapper on a trash can inside our house, so I don't have to mention the result to my husband. He definitely would see it himself.

Not long after that, my period was coming. I felt, kind of sad, but relieved because I know it would come after seeing the result. I prefer to know about it beforehand than waiting anxiously. I often found myself crying when I saw my blood after waiting anxiously.

Read Mbak Diah's:

Our newlywed friends, one by one, announcing their happiness. Sometimes I feel hurt inside, hearing their news. I know I shouldn't have this kind of feeling. Nobody should do. But I can't help it. Now I regret I ever had that feeling. It's like I accused my God that He were not fair.

"We are waiting, so much longer than them, but why did you give the baby to them, not us?"

How impudent of me!

I tried so hard to get rid of that feeling. I don't want to be a sinner. I need His forgiveness and blessings. I don't want to make Allah mad. 😭

Credit: Pixabay

After struggling for a long time, with His blessings, I am getting better now, alhamdulilah. I can pray for my friends' happiness fullheartedly. I don't feel like I am being left behind anymore. I know our turn will come someday. Keep trying, praying and let Allah do the rest are what we should do.

I am glad I have an understanding husband and good surroundings. Nobody accused us, saying that we are infertile or delaying. Alhamdulillah. :)


Not having a child is not a reason for not enjoying our lives. Live our lifes gratefully and be patient. Our turn will come.
My Lord, grant me [a child] from among the righteous." {Q.S. Ash-Shaffat:100}

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