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Reunion and Me


Today is the 10th day of Ramadan. Time sure flew away so fast. I hope I can worshipping Him more. I should ask for His forgiveness too, as Ramadan is month of forgiveness.

For our 8th English Collaborative Blogging, we will talk about reunion. :)


Reunion—copied from Cambridge Dictionary—means a social event for a group of people who have not seen each other for a long time. To meet our elementary school friends, for example, when they had grown up is surprising. How the tallest girl in your class is now shorter than the shortest boy back then. How the so-called lazy boy who always slept in the class turned into a successful businessman.

Ramadan is one of a great moment to arrange a reunion. Break-fasting while reminiscing about old times might be good. I get invited to attend one sometimes, although I often refused to come. Mostly because of various situations I had. I were not a mobile person, so it was hard to attend any reunion, and I don't think it's a good idea to get a ride from my friends or my parents.

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I've always wanted to come, but I can't. That's maybe the best. I am not that close to most of my classmates. I don't have much to talk about, too, eventhough I'd love to hear their stories.

I never come to a school reunion, if I remember correctly. I did came to a fast-breaking event my old classmates held, and they said that was a reunion, but we were still meeting each other everyday in school. It's not a reunion, is it?

Read Mbak Diah's:

When I were a senior high school, I get invited to a fast-breaking event by my old classmates from junior high school. I were getting excited to come, because my crush was coming too. But I can't come in the end. I got no permission from my father. I've figured it out that he wont permit me, though.

Now, when most of my school friends graduated from college, they held a reunion almost every Ramadan. I can't come, as always. Or maybe I should say I shouldn't.

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I can easily fall in love, so I really shouldn't come. Meeting mischievous boy friends turned into some fine men, I don't think I can resist them, so I prefer not to come. Ever. I thought a marriage was strong enough to "tame" me, but I am wrong. I have to fight hard to suppress this dark side in me even after marrying a really good husband. And I still do.

In conclusion, I guess will only come to an all-girls reunion. "Is it even possible, Nis?", my answer is yes. Definitely. I mean, why not? It's fun for us women to hang out only with female friends. We don't have to eat slowly or speak softly to impress men.

"What if we have husbands and children, and like it or not, we have to let them join."
If that's the case, cook more, divide into two, prepare a space for husbands in separated room, and let them having men's talk while eating.


Reunion is always fun, as long as it is not loosen your principles. Once you loosen it, it would be hard to tighten your grip on it like you used to do.

Ah, why am I so serious?
Please don't think too hard about this. ^^
I am just blabbering. Hihi...

See you!

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