Senin, 24 April 2017

How I am Dealing With My Envy

Assalaamu'alaykum ^^

Have you ever feel envy when you see a married couple doing something that you think it's romantic?

A man put a helmet for his wife, having a candle-light dinner, an husband giving a heart-shaped chocolate and a bucket of flowers for his wife, traveling together, you name it.

No? It's good, then. Having that kind of feeling is troublesome. We can only be happy when our husbands fulfill our expectations, and when they aren't, we think that they don't love us anymore.

Sometimes I have a feeling like that. I feel envy to lucky wives who are having romantic men. I want my husband to be like them. I ask him to do some romantic things but he doesn't feel like doing it. He tells me that his love is real, even without doing what I am asking. This makes me dissatisfied with everything he does.

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Fortunately, one of my friend giving me an advice about how to suppress this feeling. "Grateful".

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Being grateful is not easy for me. I often see things only from one perspective. If nobody remind me or I don't try to find the positive sides, I will fall into ungratefulness.

If reality is not like what I expect, I have to think positively. As for this matter, if my husband is not like what I expect. Not a bad husband, but just a little bit out of my expectations from one point of view.

I have to be grateful, he is still here, accompanying me, working hard for our living expenses, protecting me from any threats while encouraging me, not being easily angry, even when I make a commotion late at night.

He is STILL here. I can't imagine if I have to lose him, either he divorces me or dies before me. Na'udzubillahi min dzalik *cryingoutloud

He always try to make me happy. He has his own way to do that. He won't give me a bucket of flowers, but he will gladly give me, not only a bucket, but a BUNCH of foods!

Yaay! *confetti (?)

When I look things from another perspectives, I feel better, and for that, I am grateful to Allah. He gives me the best husband I can ask.

Now I can considered myself as a lucky wife, and suppress my envy. And I hope I never feel that way anymore.

Aamiin  ^^

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