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5 Places I'd Like to Visit


How are you? I hope Allah always gives us His Blessings whenever we are :)

For the second collaboration with Mbak Diah, we want to talk about places we'd like to visit. Below is mine: (sorry, can't think of any prologue *cry*)

1. Saudi Arabia

Prophet Muhammad (may Peace Be Upon Him) was born here in Saudi Arabia over 1400 years ago. In Makkah, to be precise. And he move to Madinah, Saudi Arabia, when the unbeliever harm him, forcing him and his followers to do so.

I really want to visit Saudi Arabia, especially Ka'bah. Every Moslem wants to. I want to do Hajj pilgrimage. It costs so much money to do it, and a lot of waiting lists, since majority of Indonesian are Moslems.

Not only that, I also want to live in Makkah or Madinah, because both of them are the most safest places in the world. Places where the greatest threat (Dajjal) can't get into, as mentioned in Hadith below:

Captured from

2. Japan

If you read my latest post here , you will notice that I like Japanese language, and also Japan of course. Going to Japan is a dream I had for so long.

I want to see Cherry Blossom with my own two eyes. How they fall at velocity five centimeters per second *BGM played* , how they seem so beautiful and soothing from near, and how Japanese people turn their beautiful petals into tasteful delicacies.


Going to Square Enix Store and Square Enix Cafe, both in Tokyo, will be my next destinations. I'd like to browse the entire shop, eat some sandwiches, and buy merchandise from my all-time favorite game, Final Fantasy VIII. I am hoping the cafe have beverages from Square Enix games, such as Potion, Elixir, etc. And I hope they are halal 

Next, I will...*some text missing*

3. Northern and Southern Poles

"Why, of all, you want to visit the two poles?"

I'd like to see Aurora. No, not Aurora from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, but natural phenomenon which occured near the poles.


An Aurora occured when the magnetosphere disturbed by solar wind. The ionization happened, forming an Aurora. Since the poles are the places with biggest magnet effect, Aurora formed there.

They said, aurora can only be seen clearly when the sky is clear and dark. I really wanna see them >_<

Read my partner's here .

4. Bosscha Observatory, Bandung, Indonesia

The first time I heard about Bosscha Observatory is in my earlier year of high school. I know about this from my extracurricular seniors.

I want to observe the space objects using Zeiss Telescope in Bosscha, but it's not for public. We can only see how the Telescope works without having it observe anything. But don't worry, we still can observe them using Bamberg and portable Telescopes. :)


If you ask me why I interested in outer space, it's because it is intriguing. It is so dark and quiet, with many mysteries. I got scared sometimes, but I still like it.

5. Wediombo Beach

This is the beach I mentioned here . My husband said that the beach is still not having much visitor. I'd love to enjoy the scenery without feeling uneasy. Yeah, I am not good around a lot of unknown people. ^^'

When I ask him that I want to go there, he said neither him nor his friends know the place. 
Well, I hope he remember soon.


How about you? What places do you want to visit? Let's share!



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  1. Mbak...we have similar favorite places to visit. Let's pray to make it come true....

  2. Hey, I want to visit Japan and stay in Madina too just like you^^

    If I may added 2 place, I would love to list Hadralmaut and korea. Hehe

    1. It's good to know if someone have the same places to visit like me.. ^^

      Korea sounds good too. I want to visit shooting locations from my favorite k-drama :)


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