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My Favorite Subjects at School

Assalaamu'alaykum ^^

I got some messages on WhatsApp a week ago. One of them was interesting.

It was a message from the author of on a WhatsApp group I joined. She asked if anyone would collaborate with her to write blogposts in English.

I were excited. I want to challenge myself, so I sent some private messages to her, saying that I am interested.

Long story short, we both agreed with the conditions. And, this is it, our first collaboration. :)

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Talk about favorite subjects, it reminded me about my school days. It was fun, even for an ordinary student like me. :D

I love to learn languages, but I am not really good handling numbers. My body is weak, so I am bad in PE. I used to like playing music instruments, but playing them now are forbidden because of what I believe. ^^

Memorizing is not my speciality. I often have bad marks in History and Geography. But I like Geography, because I'd like to know more about Earth I live in.

Specifically speaking, these are my favorites subjects at school:

1. English

I started learning English in 4th grade of Elementary School, but I already familiar with English, since I often play computer games.

English is tricky, but I like it. I often pronounced English words wrongly, even until now. It's hard for me to speak English. I admire everyone who can speak English fluently as if they are natives.

I am good at writing and reading, but suck at speaking. I have no confidence to talk in front of people. This happens in every subjects. It's hard to say what's inside my mind. Until now. 😒

2. Japanese

I fall in love with Japan through games, animation, and mangas (Japanese comic). I wanted to know about Japanese language, people, and cultures. Fortunately, my high school had Japanese Language as one of subjects to learn. ^^

My favorite session was writing. The teacher taught us how to write hiragana, katakana, and kanji. It was so fun to know about Japanese letters. I often practice by myself, eventhough my writing hasn't improved much. πŸ˜†

Sometimes I think if I should learn Japanese thoroughly, since I want to go to Japan someday, but knowing that I have to memorize two thousands kanjis and ten thousands vocabularies (the highest level of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test), I give up >_<

3. Indonesian

Again with languages? Yes, I love learning languages.

Indonesian is my mother tongue. Even so, I have to learn Indonesian, so I can speak better. I found out that I make a lot of mistakes when I speak as I study more.

I love to read stories on Indonesian textbook. I always read them before the new semester begins, once I get my new book. I even bookmarked them, so it's easy to move after I finished a story. ⌣π¨ΎπŸ˜„

I love to learn figure of speech, although it's quite hard to understand. On the other hand, I dislike poem. This is beyond my capability. >_<

4. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

I like ICT because we often do some practice in computer room. It feels refreshing to change class once in a while. Learning it is also helping us so much to do some tasks, such as making a slide show about digestive system or an event proposal.

I am familiar with computer. My father taught me how to use it. Having to learn it at school improved my skill. I especially love typing. I type with eleven fingers *oops

5. Art

Actually I am not a good drawer. I lack of creativeness. But I like to draw on my drawing book. I can draw better if it's symetric-thingy or when I imitate something.

Credit: Pixabay

But art is not only about drawing, right? My most favorite session is when we did screen printing on a T-shirt and made a keychain using chemicals. I still wear the handmade screen-printed T-shirt at home, but I lost my keychain 😭


I kind of like chemistry, but it's getting harder in high school, so I stop liking it, although I still chose chemistry department back then, pursuing my dream.

Credit: Pixabay

I didn't pass, though. It's not my place, I guess. Or did I lack of motivation?


What about you? What subjects did you like, and why? Share with me on the comment section below!

See you next time :)

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  1. Hey. My favorite subjects are same with you. I love to learn languages. I even learning Japanese too. おγͺじ γ§γ™γ‚ˆ。

    1. It's good to know someone who learn Japanese too..
      γ‚ˆγ‚γ—γγŠγ­γŒγ„γ—γΎγ™。 ^^

  2. Now I understand why you put a paper crane for your banner. You love Japanese language!

    I once learnt Japanese, mbak. but I didn't attend any class because it wasn't affordable to me. hehe...

    1. Yes, I love Japanese ^^

      Me too, the class isn't affordable to me.. I learn Japanese by myself using lessons from internet now..

  3. Hallo Icajahe, it's so nice to see you writing in English. Me too sometime used to write in English on my blog.

    I also like to learn language and currently learning Germany. So, good luck to you, and me of course! :D

    1. I'd like to visit your blog later :)

      Good luck for us ^^

  4. Tfs sist^^ i love your article^^

  5. Wah seru bisa menguasai dua bahasa asing :D


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